Mutual Money Financial Services - They had me send money, but now not taking my calls.

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I received a phone call from a Mr.Coleman,he said i was approved for a personal loan,but because i did not have any calateral i would have to go through the insurance company for the loan to secure it.Mr.Coleman said i had to send 400.00 dollars for the insurance and i also had to give my account information,after doing so he again called me told me the insurance company said i had to pay another 400.00 dollars because i was a high risk because of my credit score. I then told him i did not have the money for a couple of days,i have called him but he has not returned any of my calls. He did send me a copy of what my loan amount was and how much i would have to pay a month,when i tried to send an e-mail back to find out why he was not calling me back the address that was on the form was no longer good.I am so upset that i can not keep anything down,i borrowed the money from my boyfriend with the intent on paying him back as soon as the loan money was in my account,now i have to pay him back and i am out 400.00 dollars.

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I had the same problem, but I spoke with Eric Wells and Mr.Chaz.

They told me the same thing, but they got me for 750.00. I have been so upset since Thanksgiving. They both told me that they would send a refund for the full amount, but as of Jan. 20, still no refund.

Now the phone number is disconnected. WTF.

I don't understand how people can sleep at night scamming people.I hope they get what they deserve.

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